Reasons Why The Blackjack Dealer Always Wins

Reasons Why The Blackjack Dealer Always Wins

If you are playing blackjack in your favorite casino, you are likely getting frustrated with the dealer’s luck, and you may be wondering how exactly a dealer always manages to win. In this article, we will go into the reasons why.
You are Probably Listening to the Dealer’s Advice

Most blackjack dealers are very friendly and provide some helpful advice to players. You should not be under the impression that following their advice will always serve you well. Although a blackjack dealer typically wants the players to win, remember that he works for the casino and ultimately wants the house to win. Hence, it is best if you brush up on your blackjack strategies and listen to what you think you need to do.

You Haven’t Studied the Game Properly

While blackjack is certainly an easy game and very convenient to learn for beginners, it is nonetheless important to do some research and understand the ins and outs of the game well. For instance, you need to know all the probabilities and the house edge in order to win and take away your winnings.

Game Properly

Also, the number of hands that you play per hour is very important to observe. This is because the more hands you play, the more the house gets to take your money. Blackjack is a fast-paced game, and players find it hard to know when to stop or take a break.

Most novice blackjack players make the mistake of thinking they have enough knowledge or strategies in order to win. Most players don’t even use a proper betting system, like the Martingale system. However, this rushed approach can come at a price. If you are playing with not enough skill or experience, the casino is likely to take advantage of that fact.

You are Tipping the Dealer

Tipping the Dealer

If you find a blackjack dealer to be very friendly, professional, and conversant, you may feel inclined to give him a tip. In fact, most blackjack players are used to this and treat it as a matter of courtesy.
Many blackjack players have significantly reduced their amount of winnings in the big picture with this habit. If you want to tip, make sure you do it wisely without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Way You Count Your Cards

Count Your Cards

Most people count their cards as per the traditional or conventional advice given by other blackjack players. But if you go down this route, your approach will be apparent to the blackjack dealer. In fact, the traditional card counting strategy is now a thing of the past. Blackjack dealers now use shuffling machines, so you can’t count your cards.

To Sum Up

Make sure you keep these points in your mind in order to increase your chances of winning. It is essential to recalibrate your expectations and be careful with the amount of money you spend and how long you intend to play the game.

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